Premature Release CS 1995
(Pinch A Loaf - PAL02)
1st ever Colon Release. Cassette in wooden case. 100% hand-made.
Sold out
Fecal Incontinence CS 1996
(Pinch A Loaf - PAL06)

Cassette in pretty little sac.
This release made it into Stylus Magazine's "Top Ten Noise Cassettes" of all time.
Read the article here:

Sold out

Live Electronics at Matsuyama
split LP with MSBR 1997
(Flenix - FLR03)
Live Recording of the Colon while on tour in Japan. Flipside is the great MSBR. Center of record has image of Erik & Jorge at the greatest donut shop in the world, Mr. Donut (Tokyo)
Sold out
Split with Bastard Noise CD 1998
(Pinch A Loaf - PAL16CD)
Sort of self-explanatory. Some pieces by the ferocious Bastard Noise and a couple by S. Colon. This CD has some extra tracks that do not appear on the LP
Split with Bastard Noise LP 1998
(Pinch A Loaf - PAL16LP)

See Description above. This one is on vinyl and is missing a few tracks.
Sold out

Compilation Appearances:  
The Accelerating World CD 1996
(Pinch A Loaf - PAL04)
1st Compilation CD released by PAL.
Includes hits by:
Speculum Fight, Richard Ramirez
Crawl Unit, Fin, Lab Rat, Blowhole
Nihil, Bastard Noise, Crib, Solid Eye
No Structure #2 CS 1996
(Dagon Productions)
Packaging by Doug Grant
Dipped in Liquid Latex
features tracks by Not Breathing, AA23
Blazen Y Sharp, Instagon, more
KSPC The Basement Tapes
Vol. 2 CD 1997 (KSPC02)
Awesome comp with:
Harry Pussy, Buzzsaw, Madigan, Wckr Spgt
In Be ween Noise, Nels Cline & Woody Alpanalp, Neutral Milk Hotel, and a ton more!
Noisenet #8 CS 1997
Part of a really cool cassette series outta Taiwan.
Other artists include:

Feine Trinker Bei Pinkels Daheim(Germany)
NId(Germany), :YAU:(USA)
Adventures In Modern Electronics
CD 1997 (Pinch A Loaf - PAL13)
2nd Incredible Comp from PAL with:
Aube, MSBR, The Haters, Pain Jerk
Third Organ, Decible Orgy, and Smell & Quim
  Needle Hit The Groove
flexi included with AMK LP 1998
(Pinch A Loaf - PAL18)
Moonlanding 7" 1999
(Helicopter No.4)
1. the Haters
2. Zipper Spy
3. John Wiese & Cory Ronnau
4. Spastic Colon
5. Aube
Moonlanding 7" 2000
(Helicopter No.2)
the Haters, Zipper Spy
John Wiese & Cory Ronnau
Spastic Colon, Aube
MSBR, John Wiese, Bastard Noise
Thurston Moore
Popular Music for Popular People
CD 2000
(Gameboy - GB20)
tracks by government alpha, cock esp
john wiese, bob marinelli, lockweld
spastic colon, msbr, dj smallcock vs. late
sodium, conatmination diet, dan bodah
and goat
Elekt Noiz #4 with Denshi Zatsuon #4 CD
(MSBR/Flenix - ENCD01)

Bastard Noise, Chop Shop, DSM (France)
Farmers Manual & Shunichiro Okada (Austria&Japan)
K.K.Null (Japan), Kiyoshi Mizutani (Japan)
Klangkrieg (Germany), Lee Ranaldo, Leif Elggren (Sweden)
Spastic Colon, The Haters, Thurston Moore
Toy Bizarre (France), Veprisuicida (Russia)

Soundwalk CD 2004 (FLOOD) Glenn Bach & John Kannenberg, Egg, Albert Ortega, Ever Lovely Lightning Heart, D. Jean Hester, James Adams, smgsap, Bobby June, S.E. Barnett & Hillary Mushkin, j. frede, Kadet Kuhne, Sumako, Jeremy Drake, hop-frog, Noah Thomas, Alan Nakagawa, FLOOD, Sander Wolff, Phaul, Eric Strauss
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